10 Foods You Should Try in Baja California Mexico

View of pacific ocean in Pescadero Baja California Sur
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If you’re traveling to Baja California here are 10 tasty foods you should be sure to try! Some of them are regional specialties and some are just delicious typical Mexican foods you can find in the area.

Have you sampled them all yet?

Baja Fish Tacos - foods you should try in Baja

Tacos de Pescado

The famous Baja fish tacos are one thing you simply must try in Baja California. Fresh flaky white fish fried in a light batter and nestled in a flour or corn tortilla. So yum! Many restaurants and tacos stands will have a variety of toppings for you to add yourself, including pico de gallo, spicy salsas, shredded cabbage and crema. You can often choose from several types of seafood for your tacos including marlin, tuna, scallops, manta ray, and octopus. Shrimp are extremely popular and many prefer them to the fish tacos!

Chocolate clams - Baja foods to try

Chocolate Clams

These huge clams might not taste like chocolate but they certainly are delicious! You’ll find them prepared in many ways, but often on the grill with a smoky flavor and some added butter or a pico de gallo salsa. Almejas tatemadas are traditionally cooked on the beach in a depression in the sand while dried branches on top are lit ablaze. This lends the smoky flavor to the shellfish. The clams are a specialty of the Loreto area, so be sure to try them if you pass through! If not you can find them in La Paz, Todos Santos and Los Cabos too! These almejas are a very popular food of Baja.


This dried beef is originally from the state of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico but has made its way all over. You’ll find it in Baja alongside eggs in breakfast dishes, wrapped in a burrito or in tacos. It’s quite salty and very yummy!

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

I first saw these hot dogs in Arizona where they are known as Sonoran dogs, but you’ll also find them in Los Angeles and San Diego too. The hot dog bun is slathered in refried beans and stuffed with a bacon-wrapped sausage, then covered in toppings like spicy salsa, grilled onions and chipotle crema. You’ll find variations of these delicious late night treats all over Baja from Tijuana and Ensenada to La Paz and Los Cabos. Look for the small push cart stands in the streets near the nightlife!

Birria tacos - foods to eat in Baja California


The rich and hearty beef (or goat) stew known as birria originates in Jalisco but can be found all over Baja. I love to eat the spicy stew on its own with lots of lime juice and cilantro. But birria goes to the next level with quesabirria, which is said to originate in Tijuana. Stuff a big corn tortilla with melted cheese and a big spoonful of birria meat, and dip it in the soup broth… heaven!


Have you had ceviche before? Aguachile is very similar except the seafood does not marinate as long in the lime juice and spicy pepper mixture. In addition to these ingredients, an aguachile might also have cucumbers, tomatoes, tomatillos, avocado and onions. This dish originates in Sinaloa but is popular on menus all over Baja. Be warned – it’s often super spicy!

Carnitas tacos- best foods in Baja

Carnitas Tacos

Another delight that does not originate in Baja, carnitas can however be found all over the peninsula. And you should be sure to try it! The most popular way to enjoy carnitas is in tasty tacos topped with fresh salsa and cilantro. Carnitas is pork slow cooked in fat until it becomes soft, shredded and has crunchy bits. If you pass through El Pescadero near Todos Santos you can stop at neighboring carnitas taco stands to try both and choose your favorite. Check out our guide to the top restaurants in the Todos Santos area!


I have to admit the name of this snack had me befuddled for a moment. To me a “tosti” is the ubiquitous Dutch grilled cheese sandwich. But in this case the tosti refers to Tostitos chips! If you haven’t tried the delicious street food Mexican corn on the cob before that is a must! But this unique snack will likely have you craving it too. Crunchy chips are topped with your choice of delights including corn (of course), salsa, cheese, meat, mayo, and crema. You can eat this mixture directly out of the chip bag or in a cup if you prefer. It’s a rich, salty and crunchy snack that hits the spot late at night after too many cervezas. (if you’ve ever had a Frito pie before you understand this concept)

Go crazy and try Tostilocos and Dorilocos too, the sister snacks of the Tostielote.

Paleta - ice cream pop - foods to try in Baja Mexico


There’s no doubt about it, Baja is hot and sunny most of the time. A great way to beat the heat is with an icy cold treat! Whether you are lounging on the beach or walking around town, a fresh and fruity paleta ice pop is not too far away. You’ll find vendors hauling their carts across the sand at many popular beaches or hit up a small shop when strolling the streets. Favorite local flavors include tamarind, mango, passionfruit, strawberry and coconut.

Margaritas - Baja foods and drinks to try


OK I know…this is not really a food but this famous cocktail is something you should definitely try if you are visiting Baja California! Did you know the margarita was invented in Baja? There are many stories and myths about this delicious drink but most of them involve a location in Baja California Norte, whether Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito or somewhere in between. A true margarita is made with lime, tequila and triple sec but down in Baja you’ll find lots of tasty variations! Some of our favorites supplement the lime with grapefruit juice, add in hibiscus or tamarind, or replace the tequila with mezcal. Watch out! These drinks go down smooth!

There are so many tasty treats to discover in Baja California. Be sure to check out our guides to the best tacos in La Paz, the best restaurants in the Todos Santos area and all our other foodie tips!