Street Art in La Paz

Street Art La Paz Baja California Sur, pink hammerhead shark
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Although La Paz is a small city it is teeming with amazing street art including colorful murals and stunning sculptures. Come along with us on a quick virtual street art tour!

Street Art Murals in La Paz

As soon as you step off the Malecón you are likely to quickly spot a huge artwork adorning a wall on a thriving business or crumbling building. Many of these were painted in 2017 when a group called Colectivo Tomate organized 26 Mexican artists to create meaningful and beautiful murals around La Paz.

The La Paz Colectivo Tomate project is part of a larger vision called Ciudad Mural which aims to bring art to the streets of cities all over Mexico including Mexico City, Culiacán, Puebla, and Mexicali. The group not only wants to beautify cities but also bring the local community together and promote a transformation of the environment through these murals with a message. The artworks have themes of environmentalism, inclusion, social justice, connection, history, and community. In La Paz you’ll see this reflected in the murals with images of famous local residents, whales, sea turtles, fishermen, cacti, sea lions and other marine life.

You’ll find many of these murals on streets in the Zona Central just off the Malecón. Some of the streets with several artworks include A Mijares, Ignacio Zaragoza and the corner of Melchor Ocampo and Mutualismo. Wander around to find your favorites.

In addition to the murals created with Colectivo Tomate in 2017 you’ll also find commissioned artworks on homes and businesses, painted utility boxes, poster illustrations and stickers, and cool graffiti all over town. Take a virtual walk with us and check out a few of our favorites!

La Paz street art fisherman 'Pescador de conciencia' by Bp Vinalay
La Paz street art coyote
La Paz street art owl
La Paz street art whale in desert
La Paz street art
La Paz street art Luz coffee
La Paz street art utility box
La Paz mural La Coyota

Sculptures on the La Paz Malecón

Most visitors to La Paz will take a stroll along the famous waterside path, the Malecón. In addition to the gorgeous sea views you will also notice large metal sculptures dotted along the 5km route. Many of the 16 statues have an ocean theme: whales, sharks, shells, mermaids and even Jacques Cousteau! Don’t miss La Paloma de La Paz, sometimes called Paloma Gorda (fat pigeon).

La Paz Malecon sculpture statue La Paloma
La Paz Malecon Jacques Cousteau statue
La Paz street art sculpture seashell
La Paz Malecon sculpture statue
La Paz Malecon street art statue Jesus seashell

If you’d like to learn more about the La Paz Malecon statues, check out the bilingual book Las Estatuas del Malecón Paceño: The Statues of the La Paz Malecón by Estudio Chispa. You can also take one of many local La Paz street art tours!

We hope you enjoyed this peek into some of the fantastic urban art in La Paz. Wander the streets of this charming city to find your favorites too.

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