Best Todos Santos Itinerary: A 3-Day Trip

A picturesque cafe entrance in Todos Santos with Spanish architectural details
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Are you planning a trip to Todos Santos and want to make the most of your time? Look no further! Our 3-day Todos Santos itinerary has you covered.

Todos Santos is one of the most vibrant towns in Mexico, offering visitors special experiences in the areas of culture, art, nature, gastronomy, history, and adventure. This guide is geared toward adults and will provide you with an itinerary that includes the top attractions, restaurants, and activities to make the most of your visit.

Planning Tips for 3 Days in Todos Santos, Mexico

Before sharing the Todos Santos itinerary, let’s help you with pre-trip planning. Here’s some advice for getting around Todos Santos, suggested accommodations, and other important visitor information.

How to Get To & Around Todos Santos

Most visitors to Todos Santos fly into SJC airport in Los Cabos, which is one-hour away by car. Renting a car from Cactus Rent A Car is highly recommended, but if you plan ahead you may also be able to arrange a driver through your hotel or Airbnb host. When parking on the street in downtown Todos Santos, only park where the curb is white or not painted.

The cheapest way to get to Todos Santos from SJC airport or from the La Paz airport is by bus. Todos Santos is also only one-hour away from La Paz, the capital city of the state of Baja California Sur.

Once you’re in downtown Todos Santos, you will find the area very walkable to many of the town’s attractions. Downtown is compact at roughly 3 blocks by 6 blocks. While there are sidewalks, they are not as well-maintained as sidewalks in the US.

If you want to explore coastal Todos Santos, locally called Otro Lado, or nearby El Pescadero and Cerritos Beach, you will need a car (rental or hired driver) to avoid major inconvenience. Uber is not currently operating in the area, and public transit is quite sparse if not obsolete.

You will see bougainvillea-lined streets on your Todos Santos itinerary

Recommended Accommodations in Todos Santos

Todos Santos has many beautiful hotels and Airbnb homes. For travel during the winter high season, we highly suggest booking as far in advance as possible no matter where you stay for your Todos Santos itinerary.

We recommend the following hotels across various price points:

  • La Bohemia Hotel – A boutique hotel that is our best all around recommendation for price, location, style and comfort.
  • Guaycura Hotel – An upscale hotel with a sister property beach club, El Faro.
  • Hotel Casa Tota – The best less expensive hotel in the heart of downtown.
  • Cien Palmas Casitas and Glamping – A unique stay in small casitas or posh tents.
  • Villa Santa Cruz – Luxury villas on secluded La Pastora Beach a few miles north of downtown.
  • Todos Santos Hostel – Basic and clean budget accommodations with private or shared rooms and tents.

More Visitor Information

Weather & climate in Todos Santos

Todos Santos is on the Tropic of Cancer, and it has a desert climate even though it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. The weather is generally sunny and dry, with daily high temperatures in the low- to mid-20s C (70s F) in fall, winter and spring.

The summer months of July, August and September bring increased levels of heat and humidity. It’s not uncommon for businesses to close during summer and reopen in October and November.

How to pack

For most of the year you should pack for warm and dry daytime weather and cooler nightly temperatures. Sunscreen can be purchased here, but if you are partial to a specific kind, bring a small bottle of it with you. I wouldn’t bother with any rain gear. This past October to May, 240+ days, it has rained for only three days and briefly drizzled maybe another two or three times.


During the day, tank tops, short sleeves, and shorts are typically perfect since most places do not have air conditioning and, therefore, temperatures are the same whether you’re indoors or outside. Packing a light jacket or shawl in case of a windy day. Think natural, breathable fabrics like linen and cotton.

If you plan to be out well past sunset, you may want to change into pants and light outerwear. Desert climates often have more drastic changes between daily high and low temps, so we recommend layers or changing your outfit between day and night.

If you’re planning a Todos Santos itinerary, you will probably spend time at the beach or a swimming pool. Bring a swimsuit and a hat, although inexpensive hats can be found in town and in Cabo if you don’t have room in your luggage. Bring polarized sunglasses to reduce glare and see into that beautiful ocean water much better.

If you plan any activities that require a certain dress code or gear, pack what you need or ensure you can rent it before you go. While Todos Santos carries many basics, there are just some things that aren’t sold here. Luckily, except for the fanciest of places, the dress code is ultra casual.

Our Complete Todos Santos Travel Guide is a great additional resource for your trip.

3-Day Itinerary in Todos Santos, Mexico

Our itinerary is geared toward first time visitors to Todos Santos who have three (or more) days to spend there. We suggest activities at a range of budget levels. Just like our hotel recommendations above, we present you with some options for a more luxury experience or a more affordable trip. This well-rounded itinerary includes the best of everything Todos Santos has to offer in the way of natural, cultural, historical and culinary delights.

Itinerary Day 1: Explore Downtown

The first part of day one in Todos Santos will be spent exploring downtown, the cultural, artistic and geographic heart of the town. Later in the day you will enjoy a beautiful heated pool and an evening of fabulous dining.

Breakfast at Doce Cuarenta

Pack your swimsuit in your purse or a small bag, and head to Doce Cuarenta for breakfast at the northern end of town. This expansive industrial-style coffee shop has lighter bites and excellent grinds. Choose from stylish seating areas both indoors and outside. Don’t miss the showstopping interior mural by a local Baja Sur artist. The adjacent mercado is home to a variety of artisans and small businesses.

Your Todos Santos itinerary starts with Doce Cuarenta, a coffee shop in the north part of downtown.

Walk & Wander Downtown Todos Santos

After Doce Cuarenta, head to the heart of downtown Todos Santos where you will explore on foot. Downtown is roughly a three-block by six-block area. So aside from the sidewalks that have seen better days, it is really pedestrian friendly.

The streets are sprinkled with beautiful brick buildings, lush tropical foliage alongside desert plants, and dozens of shop and galleries. It’s fun to simply wander the streets, letting the sights guide you from one street to the next.

Points of interest and photo opportunities in Todos Santos:

These are listed in a walking path starting at the town square.

  • Town Square, also known as the Plaza
  • Misión de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, an 18th century church just off of the Plaza
  • “Todos Santos” giant colorful letters right next to the church
  • Papel Picado colorful flag garland street located on C. Centenario between C. Álvaro Obregón and Av. Topete
  • Centro Cultural, murals and descriptions depicting the history of the area
  • Día de los Muertos colorful skull mural located on C. Álvaro Obregón between C. Benito Juárez and Heroico Colegio Militar
  • La Catrina, in front of La Catrina restaurant is a funky lifesized interpretation of the iconic Día de los Muertos symbol, great for selfies
Colorful papel picado flags in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The best shops and art galleries in all of Todos Santos are located in the exact area you will be exploring! Get lost wandering through these unique local gems:

  • Bésame Mucho Bazar, an eclectic bohemian shop just north of the Plaza
  • AR Galería, an art gallery
  • Rafael Brilanti, a talented local silversmith
  • Many beautiful clothing boutiques are location on the two city blocks bordered by Av. Legaspy, Av. Topete, C. Benito Juárez and C. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
  • Galería de Todos Santos, an art gallery
  • México Gourmet, an artisanal mezcal shop run by Ana, a passionate mezcal spirits expert
  • La Sonrisa de la Muerte, Mexican art prints and textiles gallery
  • Cielito Lindo Market, some local makers mixed with mass produced souvenir shops and a unique ceiling
  • Galería Logan, an art gallery

You will surely want a meal break while walking around. Keep in mind you will be spending an hour or two at the pool this afternoon. So a quick bite may be better than a full service sit-down restaurant to allow enough time to see everything downtown.

Great lunch options in downtown Todos Santos:
  • Taquería La Paceña. This street food stall serves the town’s best authentic Baja fish tacos for breakfast and lunch. I recommend two battered and fried shrimp tacos on flour tortillas. Order at the counter, find a seat, and then help yourself to the toppings bar after you are served. If you’ve never had a Baja-style taco in Baja, this inexpensive food stall is a must!
  • Birriería El Dátil. An unassuming birria food cart located across from the park (Parque Los Pinos) serves mouthwatering meat stew tacos. You can order them plain or with cheese, which is called a “quesabirria” taco. This is another eatery where you can fill up on two tacos for a very cheap price.
  • Tierra Santa. If you are on a plant-based diet, try this little shop near the bus station across from the park (Parque Los Pinos). Baja can be tricky for vegans and vegetarians. Foods like rice and beans are typically thought of as vegetarian, but in Mexico they are often prepared with animal products like chicken stock and lard. Establishments that clearly advertise vegan or vegetarian menu options are your best bet.
  • Jazamango Café. If you’d rather cut your exploring short and opt for a longer full service lunch spot, you will love this gorgeous café from chef Javier Plascencia. They serve an elevated Baja Med menu (Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with Baja ingredients) full of locally-sourced items in a lush garden.

Spend the Afternoon at the Rancho Corazón Pool

Rancho Corazón in Todos Santos has a hip heated pool where adults can sip and lounge while listening to chill electronic music.

After you’re done strolling, shopping and eating, head to Rancho Corazón for their gorgeous heated pool tucked under a canopy of palm trees. In addition to the pool, this property has a restaurant, full bar, and stunning restrooms. It is one of the most visually appealing places I’ve ever been to, and the pool is the best way to experience it.

The pool pass at Rancho Corazón is $25 USD (as of 2023) and includes a drink, a beach towel, a lounge chair, a changing room, bathrooms, and of course the pool. Some lounge areas are partially shaded while others are full sun. The whole place is impeccably maintained, and the pool is adults only.

After you’re done basking at Rancho Corazón, head back to your hotel or Airbnb to freshen up and get ready for the evening. If it’s still warm when you head out, bring an outer layer like a light jacket with you.

An Evening in Downtown Todos Santos

Everyone's Todos Santos itinerary should include beautiful Oystera restaurant

You deserve to start your first evening in Todos Santos with a little touch of class. Go to Oystera for a pre-dinner cocktail or champagne toast. As you may have guessed by the name, they are mainly known for their raw and cooked oysters which you can order a la carte. Oystera is one of the prettiest restaurants in the world, so even if you’re on a budget I’d recommend splurging on one cocktail here to enjoy the atmosphere.

Next up is dinner, and I recommend your choice of two places with their own distinct features to finish out your first day’s itinerary in Todos Santos.

Dinner in Downtown

Tre Galline is a quaint and rustic Italian restaurant in downtown. Italian on your first night in a Mexican town? Yes. Their Caesar salad is one of the best I’ve ever had. (Did you know the Caesar salad was invented in Baja?) All of their pastas are homemade and delicious, and the maccheroni with parmesan cream and serrano chiles is my go-to entree. Their crème brûlée is always a crowd favorite for dessert.

Not only is the food at Tre Galline a true delight, they have a solid wine list and good service. Their prices are in line with a mid-range restaurant in the US, but quality and ambiance are well above average.

Jazamango in Todos Santos is a beautiful farm-to-table restaurant

Jazamango is another fantastic option, as it embodies many traits that make Todos Santos so special. The talented chef Javier Plascencia dreamed up this farm-to-table restaurant to honor the bounty of fresh ingredients that this desert oasis town provides.

A short drive just south of downtown will take you to Jazamango’s expansive huerta (vegetable garden) where beautiful architecture and landscaping awaits you. This restaurant can be a bit of a splurge, but it is one of the top dining experiences in the region. Don’t confuse it with its sister café in downtown – they have different vibes and completely different menus.

For more dining options at different price points and in different locations, read our guide to the Best Restaurants in Todos Santos.

Itinerary Day 2: Adventures Beyond Town

Your second day will take you just south of Todos Santos where you will connect with nature on a hike and at the beach. Then you’ll enjoy a fantastic sunset dinner and experience the town’s nightlife.

Before you leave your hotel, apply your sunscreen, and bring a hat, polarized sunglasses, and drinking water. Bring a snack as well, or pick up pastries and coffee at Taller 17 which opens at 7:30 AM most mornings of the week.

Hike at Punta Lobos

The sugar port ruins hike at Punta Lobos is one of the top outdoor activities in the area. It starts near Hotel San Cristóbal, less than 10 minutes outside of downtown. This hike is appropriate for most fitness levels and you can take breaks on your way up the wide path.

The panorama behind you on the way up is beautiful, but just wait until you reach the top. The manageable but constant incline is 2 km (1.25 mi) and then you are rewarded with jaw-dropping 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, a remote cove (pictured above), desert, town, and beaches. A herd of sea lions lives at the bottom of the cliff, and whales can be seen offshore during their annual migration.

View of pacific ocean in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

Unless the high temperature for the day will be below 23.5° C (74° F), I suggest starting this hike around 8 AM, as there is no shade and often little breeze until you reach the top. Allow 1.5-3 hours.

Read more about the Punta Lobos hike here, including directions to the trailhead and details on what to expect.

Go back to your hotel to freshen up and change into your swimsuit and cover up. Gather your things to take to the beach, such as beach towels, sunscreen, a sunhat, and drinking water.

Lunch in El Pescadero

Depending on whether you feel like picnicking or relaxing at a café after your hike, I have two incredible lunch options on your way to Playa Los Cerritos.

Agricole is a local upscale grocery store that is known for its prepared foods and beautiful produce. You can have a picnic on the beach with the goodies you find around the store! Agricole is famous for their strawberries. Their sweet treat Fresas con Crema (Strawberries and Cream) is so popular that people drive from hours away just to buy it. I highly recommend it and be sure to ask for spoons if you get it: “Cucharas, por favor.”

I also really like their small burritos that are in covered boxes on the deli counter. They usually have two or three different kinds that are made fresh daily. The packaged snacks they have scattered on displayed throughout the store are also fun to try.

For an ultra-relaxed, seated lunch, try Same Same But Different. It is a café open until 2 PM near the entrance to Cerritos Beach offering perfect lattes, a small but delicious food menu, and fair prices. They put a lot of effort into how they present their items, and all of the small touches add up to a refined surfer vibe.

My favorite drinks are the latte and Chunky Monkey smoothie, which is honestly a meal in a glass. My go-to dishes are the indulgent Croc Señor, which is their spin on a croque monsieur sandwich, and the Avocado Toast. With goat cheese, caramelized peanuts, a balsamic reduction, and mashed avocado, it is very filling and not your average avocado toast.

Cerritos Beach  near Todos Santos is great for surfing and swimming

Cerritos Beach

So now it’s early afternoon and you’re ready for some fun in the sun, sand and sea! Playa Los Cerritos is famous for its surf break, and it is the most popular beach between Cabo and La Paz. There is a row of free parking on both outer sides of the paid gated parking lot.

The main area where people lay out is just south of the yellow Hacienda on the cliff, which is currently closed. You can rent chairs and umbrellas in this part of the beach, but if you prefer smaller crowds, just walk a little further south until you find your perfect spot.

Things to Do at Cerritos Beach

You can rent a surfboard, arrange for a surf lesson, or just swim and play in the waves. Swimming is considered safe here, unlike other area beaches, but nevertheless be cautious.

Cerritos has a lively atmosphere most days, with local vendors walking the beach selling blankets, jewelry, snacks and drinks. You can even get a relaxing massage under some shade right on the beach.

Don’t underestimate the rejuvenating powers of a beach nap or just chilling on your towel and watch the surfers of all skills levels catching waves. As with other beaches in the area, you can also spot whales breaching and migrating during winter!

Just off the beach, you’ll find several restaurants, snack stands, surf shops, villas, and boutique hotels.

Dinner in El Pescadero or Cerritos

The sunsets are incredible in this part of Mexico. You can stay on the beach to watch the sunset and then walk to Barracuda Cantina just off the beach. It’s my favorite restaurant in Cerritos, and has Baja seafood staples (think fish or shrimp tacos, tostadas and huge burritos) in a really cool outdoor setting.

They also have scrumptious cocktails created by a mixologist. Two tacos are about $110 pesos ($6 USD), making Barracuda a wonderful budget option.

If you want to enjoy a sunset dinner while whale watching right on the beach, I recommend Sunset Restaurant at Cerritos Beach Inn. The property is not as chic or bohemian as other places in the area, but the view is second to none.

It also has a hot tub overlooking the ocean that you may be able to enjoy with the purchase of food and beverages. Meals and drinks won’t break the bank, which makes this restaurant a great all-around choice.

Are you looking for something more elegant and ethereal? You absolutely must try Siempre Viva farm-to-table restaurant in El Pescadero. A more accurately description is farm-AT-table restaurant because the tables are nestled under a large organic shade structure literally in the middle of a picturesque garden.

Siempre Viva in El Pescadero

The entire menu at Siempre Viva is lovely, but for me the highlight is the pizzas. The dough is superb, the toppings are organic and beautifully complement each other, and then it all gets cooked to perfection in a wood-fired hearth. Wander the garden and the kitchen while you wait for your meal!

Nightlife in Todos Santos

Todos Santos may be a small town, but the community enjoys having a few nightlife options. If you still have energy after your outdoor adventures, I recommend considering three places in downtown to end your Day 2 Todos Santos itinerary.

If you are looking for live music, check if La Morena has any bands booked. Bands from the area as well as from abroad perform in this intimate space with a full bar, typically on weekends.

Another option for live music is Jardín Alquimia. While they may have a band or two on the weekends, their most beloved night is Wednesdays for salsa dancing. The mixology at Alquimia is excellent, so choose a cocktail here over beer or wine.

Teatro 6 is yet another wonderful cocktail bar. The owner and sole bartender, Freddy, runs a classy little joint with beautiful decor and dim lighting. I’m one of those stereotypical gals who always wants a well-balanced cocktail but is not sure what to order: not too sweet, a tad sour or fruity, spirit-forward but not overpowering. The cocktails at Teatro 6 are just like that. Freddy usually closes seasonally, so do check that link ahead of time.

Itinerary Day 3: Otro Lado & La Pastora Beach

Your final day in Todos Santos will be exploring the sleepier, less developed northern neighborhoods. You’ll join a yoga class in the morning, so be sure to wear appropriate attire.

A Morning of Light Breakfast and Yoga

Begin your morning at La Esquina, a beautifully rustic café serving caffeinated drinks and a varied food menu. They have a market sometimes with local vendors selling unique jewelry, thrifted clothing, and handmade souvenirs. I love spending time here admiring the architecture and greenery.

A picturesque cafe entrance in Todos Santos with Spanish architectural details

Continue your blissful state across the street with yoga at Cuatro Vientos in the La Cachora neighborhood. Cuatro Vientos is a studio with classes ranging from different yoga styles to ecstatic dance to Zumba and more. Classes are from early morning to the evening. Check their current schedule at the link. At the time of writing this, reservations are not required.

Lunch at The Green Room

Head back to your hotel to change out of your yoga clothes. Then you’re off to the best beach bar in the area, The Green Room. Make sure you have directions pulled up ahead of time. Cell signal is low to non-existent as you venture this way.

Just getting to the tables at The Green Room is a mini-adventure. Follow a winding path through lush landscaping, speak to the host, and continue up a wooden walkway that opens up to the restaurant and a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. This is probably my favorite place to whale watch since they seem to come a lot closer to the shore here.

The Green Room is a locally famous beachfront restaurant that should be on your Todos Santos itinerary

Considering its incredible location, The Green Room really could get away with mediocre food. But they impress in this area too, with their elevated Mexican seafood. Every tostada is delicious, as are their salads and cocktails.

Be prepared for higher prices. This restaurant is a long-standing favorite of tourists and locals alike, and it shares the property with a high-end resort.

Walk off your meal by exiting out the front of the restaurant to take a stroll on the serene La Pastora beach. Playa La Pastora is one of the best beaches for surfing, so it’s amazing to watch whales and surfers enjoying the same waters so close together. Be sure to head back to your vehicle the way you came.

Craft Beer and Endangered Turtle Release in Las Tunas

Next, drive to the Las Tunas neighborhood just south of La Pastora for the best craft beer bar in all of Baja. Bajavaria is a beautifully designed bar that offers rare craft beers, wines, tequilas and mezcals. They aren’t a brewery yet (a girl can dream, eh?), but if you’ve tried other breweries in Cabo or Todos Santos and you’ve been less than impressed like I have, you have to go here!

They typically have 16 beers on tap, wines that I rarely, if ever, see on anyone else’s menu, and a curated collection of Mexican spirits. The beer fridge at Bajavaria is stuffed with more unique bottles and cans to ensure there’s something for every taste bud. The beers are all different styles from nano- and microbreweries in Mexico and Germany.

If you’re craving a snack between meals, Bajavaria offers giant, scratch-made, fresh-baked pretzels. You can also order from the restaurants in the same plaza and get it delivered right to you at the bar or a table.

A turtle rescue in Todos Santos displays the 3 main species that nest there.

About an hour before sunset, head to the beach just west of Bajavaria for an evening like no other. Tortugueros Las Playitas, a local non-profit rescue, collects and protects sea turtle eggs daily that are laid on the beach. Then they place the hatchlings into buckets and, with your help, release them around sunset. These babies, smaller than the palm of your hand, crawl bravely toward the crashing waves.

The volunteers give great information and answer questions about the turtles and their conservation efforts prior to the release. Researchers estimate that only one in 1,000 turtles survives to adulthood. So while there’s no fee to attend, I’d like to encourage you to bring pesos and donate what you can to this very important local cause.

Dinner in Las Tunas

What will you want for your last meal in Todos Santos: Fresh seafood and sushi, or street tacos off of the street under a canopy of vines and string lights?

Palmas del Pacifico has some of the best and freshest seafood in Todos Santos. Plates are Mexican, Japanese or fusion, and I haven’t found anything I don’t like yet. The wontons and curricanes are crowd pleasers and are great for sharing. And the sushi rolls are really high quality and priced very well.

Eat under a ceiling of tropical vines at 5 Tacos and a Beer

While I find Palmas del Pacifico affordable for the quality, if you’re looking for equally high quality but an even lower budget, head to 5 Tacos and a Beer. It’s just to the left of Bajavaria. They offer small, basic, and tender meat tacos for around $35 pesos (less than $2 USD). They have other menu items that are surprise hits, like the gourmet hot dog and the chicharron de queso snack.

This itinerary will give you a taste of the natural beauty, cultural attractions, and culinary delights that Todos Santos and the surrounding area have to offer. Enjoy your trip!

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