Getting To & Around Todos Santos Without a Car

Bougainvillea on streets of Todos Santos Baja California Sur
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Visiting Todos Santos without your own vehicle? We have some tips for you! Getting to Todos Santos from SJD airport in Los Cabos is easy without your own car, whether for a day trip or a longer overnight stay. There are several bus options and you can also organize a private driver or catch a taxi.

Baja tends to be a bit less friendly for those without their own wheels than some other travel destinations. But you can still get around without renting a car or driving your own vehicle down the peninsula.

How far is it from Cabo to Todos Santos?

It is about 80 km (50 miles) from Los Cabos Airport to Todos Santos by vehicle.

Where is Todos Santos?

Todos Santos is located on the Pacific side of the Baja California peninsula about one hour from Los Cabos. It is close to the Tropic of Cancer and sits within the municipality of La Paz in the state of Baja California Sur.

How to get to Todos Santos?

You can fly into either the La Paz airport or Los Cabos airport and use taxi, shuttle or bus to get to the charming town of Todos Santos. The drive is approximately one hour from both of these airports. Of course you can also rent a car if you like but we will tell you how to get to Todos Santos without a car.

Getting to Todos Santos from Cabo by Bus

There are two options to reach Todos Santos from Los Cabos using public transport services. You can easily take the bus from Cabo airport to Todos Santos.

How to get to Todos Santos from Cabo airport by bus?

Eco Baja Tours has trips directly from SJD Airport to the center of Todos Santos daily. There are typically at least three buses every day. The trip takes less than two hours on the bus. You can check the schedule online here and purchase your ticket in advance too. It is also possible to go to the ticket office at the airport once you arrive but keep in mind that the buses might be fully booked. Eco Baja Tours uses minibuses for the shuttle from SJD to Todos Santos. At the time of this writing, tickets are about $400MXN per person one way.

Another bus option from Cabo to Todos Santos is Aguila bus. This bus is slightly less convenient if you are coming from the SJD airport as the bus does not stop there. You will have to take a city bus or taxi to the bus station 11 km away to catch the Aguila bus. However these buses run more frequently and are less expensive than the other options, one-way tickets are usually less than $200MXN. The closest bus station is near the Walmart in San Jose del Cabo at the corner of Calle Valerio González and Highway 1. You can purchase your tickets online and see the schedule here.

EcoBajaTours seats on bus in Baja California Sur
Comfy seats on the EcoBajaTours minibus

Getting from Todos Santos to Cabo Airport by Bus

Is there a bus from Todos Santos to Cabo airport? When it is time to return to the airport you can hop on the bus again to get from Todos Santos to Los Cabos airport SJD. Catch the Autobuses Aguila or Eco Baja Tours from the bus station in the center of Todos Santos to return. Buses run several times a day so check the schedule online and book your tickets in advance so you don’t miss your flight! It is recommended to be at the bus station at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure.

Getting from San Jose del Cabo to Todos Santos by Bus

If you are staying in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo you can catch Autobuses Aguila for transportation to Todos Santos. The Aguila bus station is located at the corner of Calle Valerio González and Highway 1 in San Jose del Cabo. The trip takes less than 2 hours and costs approximately $200MXN. This is the best bus from Los Cabos to Todos Santos if you are already staying in town.

Helpful hint: the buses are air-conditioned so be sure to bring a sweater!

Getting to Todos Santos from Cabo by Shuttle or Taxi

If you prefer to ride with more comfort and privacy you can also take a private shuttle or taxi for your transportation from Cabo to Todos Santos. This will usually be a more expensive option if you are traveling solo or as a pair, but if you are in a larger group it can be more economical.

How much is a taxi from Cabo to Todos Santos? A taxi from the SJD airport in Cabo to Todos Santos will take about an hour and cost approximately $4000MXN.

If you’d like a private driver from Cabo to Todos Santos, we would recommend arranging it in advance. The price is approximately $4000MXN and you’ll typically travel in an air-conditioned SUV or minivan with cold refreshments to beat the heat.

Todos Santos to Cabo airport shuttles are also available when you need to make your way back to San Jose del Cabo. You can book them online here.

Keep in mind that while Los Cabos does have Uber downtown they cannot pick you up at the airport. And at this time there is no Uber service in Todos Santos.

Wishing tree Todos Santos

Getting Around in Todos Santos Without a Car

Now you’ve arrived in charming Todos Santos – how will you get around? At this time there aren’t really any public transport options in town, but this might change as the area grows. The center of Todos Santos is easy to get around on foot. You can visit countless restaurants, bars, shops and sights while strolling the streets. But if you want to visit places on the outskirts of town or maybe go to nearby El Pescadero or Cerritos beach you will want some wheels.

Unlike larger towns you won’t usually see any taxis on the street that you can just flag down hop into. You will likely need to call or whatsapp a taxi or arrange a driver in advance. As mentioned above, Uber is not currently available in Todos Santos.

Another option for the adventurous is to rent a bicycle. Keep in mind that the streets are often rutted dirt, rocks and sand and can be hilly. The main roads have a lot of traffic. So be careful! But a bicycle can be a fun way to get to the beautiful beaches.

If you don’t have your own car you might want to stay close to the center of town. That way you are just a few steps away from food, drink, shopping and entertainment. Be sure to check out our guides to Todos Santos! However if you are craving a quiet time at the beach and pool you can also choose lodgings that are closer to the seaside and get a ride into town when needed.

Surfers, dogs, waves at Los Cerritos Beach, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Todos Santos to Pescadero and Cerritos

Would you like to check out El Pescadero and Cerritos Beach? You can reach Pescadero from Todos Santos with Aguila Autobus. The bus station is in town on the corner of Calle Ignacio Zargoza and Heroico Colegio Militar across from Parque Los Pinos (23.447197, -110.225564). The bus schedule and prices are posted on the windows there, and you can also purchase tickets online here. This bus runs more or less hourly daily, but be sure to check the schedule. Tickets are currently $25MXN from Todos Santos to Pescadero.

Note that the Pescadero bus stop is about 3-4km from the beach. But if you simply want to eat you’ll find delicious options just steps from the bus station! Check out our guide to El Pescadero here!

Los Cerritos is not currently served by the bus, so you will want to get a taxi unless you really like to walk. It’s about 5km walk from the El Pescadero bus stop to the popular swim and surf Playa Cerritos. You will likely need to call or whatsapp in advance to organize a ride for a fun day at this beach community. For more about Cerritos visit our guide here!

Bus schedules Todos Santos

Todos Santos to La Paz and Beyond

Good news! You can also go from Todos Santos to La Paz and other areas of Baja California without a car! Catch the Autobuses Aguila or Eco Baja Tours bus from the center of Todos Santos to La Paz any day of the week. As mentioned above the bus station is located at the corner of Calle Ignacio Zargoza and Heroico Colegio Militar across from Parque Los Pinos (23.447197, -110.225564).

The Aguila bus goes more often and is a bit less expensive but both are excellent options. The trip is about an hour. The bus can take you to one of the bus stations in La Paz – the most popular is the one just a few blocks from the Malecón. The cost is currently about $200MXN one way.

Be sure to visit our guide to getting around in La Paz without a car too!

La Paz Airport to Todos Santos

If you are flying to Baja California from other places in Mexico you may want to fly into the La Paz airport instead of Cabo. The drive is about the same from either airport to Todos Santos, approximately one hour. You can also take the bus, a shuttle or private taxi from La Paz to Todos Santos if you don’t have a rental car. Note that although Uber and other ridesharing apps are available in La Paz you cannot use them to pick you up at the airport in La Paz or in Cabo.

If you’d like to visit Loreto, Ensenada, Tijuana or other places in Baja, Autobuses Aguila bus can take you there! Check their website for the destinations and schedules! For long-distance bus trips in Baja California Mexico you can also check ABC Autobus.

If you need to get back to the airport in Cabo you can take the bus or arrange a private shuttle or taxi from La Paz. The approximately two hour trip will take you from La Paz back to the Los Cabos airport via Todos Santos again. Alternatively you can also fly out of the La Paz airport. Visit our guide to transportation in La Paz.

Enjoy your visit to beautiful Todos Santos! Be sure to check out our visitors guide to Todos Santos and our comprehensive list of the best restaurants in the area too!